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Goat Live Cameras


We're very sorry, but the live cameras are no longer available.



If you are unable to visit the farm, we have an option where you can watch the goats with our 24/7 livestreaming cameras. We have two options for you to choose from.

Two Free Live Cameras

3/6/21 Update: One of our cameras is currently unavailable due to technical difficulties. We are working to make it available again and are waiting on technical assistance.


Eight Patron Live Cameras

We have a Patron program that costs a minimum of $5 each month and gives you access to 8 extra live cameras in the barn. These cameras are used during kidding season to show the goats giving birth.


This page is meant for desktop only. If you are using your mobile phone, we suggest you go directly to the YouTube links (which you can do by clicking on any of the video titles).