Farm Tour

*** Farm Tours are still closed due to the pandemic and understaffing. We are working hard to make them available again. ***


Ever wondered how everything gets made at Goat Milk Stuff? Or wondered how the goats and other animals are fed and cared for?  Come and visit the farm and get a behind-the scenes look at the complex operations and interactions of a working dairy farm that also manufacturers many products made with goat milk!

farm tour farm tour

Please understand that you do not need to pay for a tour to enjoy Goat Milk Stuff. You can see the goats, the chickens, the rabbits, the barn cats, the gardens, the Farm store, the Sweet Shop, and more, without a tour guide. You can explore a lot of the farm on your own with no cost whatsoever. The tour provides you with extras and explanations beyond what you can see on your own.

During the tour you will see:

  • Where the soap is made. We will explain how soap is made and show you where it happens. Soap may or may not be actually being made during your tour.
  • Where the soap is unmolded and cut. You can walk through this area and see how the soap is unmolded and cut. There is always lots of soap to be seen on the curing racks.
  • Where the soap is bagged. How we bag the soap is explained. If there is soap available for bagging, just ask and we'll let you bag a few bars.
  • Where the soap and stuff is shipped. We'll explain how we package orders and ship them worldwide.
  • The Candy Department. Through the windows you will be able to see (and possibly smell) where all of the yummy caramels, toffee, fudge, and cajeta are made.  You can see our vintage 1965 caramel wrapping machine (painted red, of course!)  And you can also learn how we cover many of our goodies in chocolate.
  • The Cheese Kitchen. We'll show you where our milk is pasteurized and how we turn it into cheese, yogurt, chocolate milk, and gelato.
  • The Sweet Shop. There will be free samples of cheese and gelato available for tasting at the end of the tour if you ask for them!
  • The Goat Barn. You'll see the stalls where the goats live and where the baby goats are fed their milk.
  • The Milk Barn. We'll show you where and how we milk the goats and what we do with the milk. Goats are not available for milking at this time.
  • The Goats. You'll get to meet some of the goats and learn about how they are raised, what they eat, and how they live.
  • The Garden. Eating healthy foods is important to us (that's why we got the goats in the first place - for their healthy milk). The garden is a huge part of our lifestyle and the working mechanics of the farm.
  • The Chickens and Rabbits. Our chickens and rabbits help keep our gardens healthy and are a great way to recycle all of our food scraps and garden waste. Backyard chicken eggs are an amazing addition to a healthy diet.
  • The Family. One of the Jonases will be your tour guide (unless we're on vacation) so you'll get to meet some (if not all) of The Jonas family as you tour Goat Milk Stuff!


  • Adult tickets are $25 each if not scheduled in advance, and includes a free full bar of soap
  • If you schedule your farm tour more than 24 hours in advance of your tour, each adult ticket is discounted to $20, and still includes a free full bar of soap.  
  • Child tickets (aged 1 - 12) are $10 each and does not include any free soap.
  • Newborns being carried are free, but children walking or in strollers (including newborns) must have a ticket.
  • We do not have a senior or military discount (we offer the discount to everyone for scheduling in advance).
  • There is a $50 minimum for each tour, so bring a friend or Contact Us for information on a single person tour.
  • If you have a group of 15 or more, please check out the Group Farm Tour information page.
  • Adults must sign farm liability waiver forms for themselves and accompanied children.  

Tour Availability:

  • Peak Season: March through Labor Day, tours are usually offered Mondays - Saturdays at 10am and 1pm.
  • Chill Season: Labor Day through December, tours are usually offered Mondays - Saturdays at 1pm.
  • Off Season: January and February, we do not offer tours.
  • We cannot guarantee tour availability if you don't schedule ahead of time.

Length of Tour:

  • The tour usually lasts 45 - 90 minutes depending on how many questions are asked. 
  • If you have a time limit, please let your tour guide know at the beginning of your tour. 

Accessibility and Weather:

  • Tours are given during all types of weather and the majority of the tour takes place under roof.
  • You will need to walk between buildings, so you may want to bring an umbrella or rain coat if rain is expected.
  • Parts of the garden may be unavailable if it's raining.
  • The tour is wheelchair accessible, but our driveways are gravel so parts of the garden may be missed if the wheelchair can't cross gravel.
  • Please realize that this is a working farm and if possible, don't wear flip flops or sandals during the tour.

The farm tours are for people who want to see where their soaps, candies and cheeses are made, want to meet the goats, and want to get a glimpse at our farm life. If you just want to spend time with the goats, we offer a special Baby Goat Experience as well. You can get the best of both worlds by scheduling a tour and following it up with the Baby Goat Experience.

You will not learn how to make soap or any other items during this tour. If you wish to own your own goats or start your own goat milk soap business, please Contact Us so we can discuss options that will better meet your needs.

We also serve lunch from 11 am to 1 pm, Monday through Saturday, so plan on enjoying lunch before or after your tour!

Private Tours

Private Tours are $100 plus $10 per person (children and adult, does not include anything to take home.)  Contact us to schedule and include what you are primarily interested in learning. 


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