Goat Milk Stuff is located in Scottsburg, Indiana (about 30 minutes north of Louisville, KY) and we're here to help you purchase Alpine or Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for your farm, homestead, 4H club, or business.  

We do not take deposits, but list goats (both adult and kids) as they become available for sale on our website. We have a lot of information about raising goats here on our website and we share a lot of information on our Facebook Live goat videos.

If you are new to goats, please read this "New Goat Information" document before purchasing a goat from Goat Milk Stuff. If you still have questions about owning goats (and you can't find the answers by searching this website), fill out this contact form and we will arrange a 30 minute phone consultation for $50. You will then be given a $50 credit that is good for one year toward the purchase of a goat from Goat Milk Stuff. 

Jim and PJ Jonas
Goat Milk Stuff LLC
76 S Lake Road N
Scottsburg, IN 47170