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Farm Pickup

We are are happy to offer free farm pickup for all local online orders! 

Simply select "Pick up at the farm" at checkout on the cart page of the Goat Milk Stuff website. Be sure to leave a note on the cart page with your desired pickup date/time.

As you may be aware, our Farm Store no longer has regular hours for order pickups. You can now pickup your order at the soaproom. Just drive to the left (north) side of the front soaproom building. Ring the doorbell between the people door and the garage door and somebody will come to help you.

We generally work in the soaproom from 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday. But we do have times when we are off the farm for off-site meetings, on vacation, or at lunch. So please email us at soap@goatmilkstuff.com (if you did not already leave a note on your order) with when you plan to pick up the order.

That way, we can let you know if nobody is available in the soaproom at that time. You can then choose a different time or have us place the order outside for you. We don't prefer this option because it runs of the risk of someone stealing it, but so far we've never had an actual problem.

Please keep in mind that if your order was placed after 1 pm EST, we will not see it until the next business morning. It will not be ready for pickup the same day. You can still come, but you will have to wait as we pull and check your order.

You must pick up your order within 2 weeks. If you do not pick up your order within 2 weeks, you will receive an invoice to pay for shipping. Your order will be shipped to you once the invoice is paid. If the invoice is not paid, items will be removed from your order to cover the shipping fee and it will be shipped. We are happy to offer pickup at the farm, but we cannot keep your orders here for extended periods of time, so please communicate with us if you are having trouble picking up your order.

We're pretty fast at shipping around here, and sometimes we'll print a shipping label before we see that your order is being picked up. Don't worry, we will cancel the label and make sure your order is available for pickup.